Gender Bias in Physics Moderators

Jennifer Blue

Jennifer Blue is an Associate Professor of Physics at Miami University. She works to give more people access to physics. Sometimes that’s reforming the curriculum for introductory classes, sometimes it’s working with K-12 science teachers, and sometimes it’s advocating for traditionally excluded populations, including women. Her website can be found here:

Robin Bjorkquist

Robin Bjorkquist is a graduate student in the physics department at Cornell University. She works on the Muon g-2 experiment, a precision particle physics experiment currently underway at Fermilab. Her website can be found here:

Mary Chessey

Mary Chessey (she/her/hers) is a doctoral candidate in the Physics Department at the University of California Davis completing physics education research focused on the experiences of upper division physics transfer students. Mary is concurrently a master's student in the School of Education at UC Davis specializing in educational assessment and measurement of physics graduate students.

Abigail Daane

Abigail Daane is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Seattle Pacific University. A former high school teacher and Knowles Science Teaching Fellow, she is deeply committed to improving the opportunities, culture, and support for marginalized groups in physics. She serves on the American Association of Physics Teachers' Committee on Diversity and as an external evaluator for the APS Bridge program.

Rylai Davis

Rylai Davis (she/her/hers) is a graduate student in the Physics Department at the University of California Davis doing physics education research on gender disparity in physics and how to improve gender equity.

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson is a Professor of Educational Studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She has been studying the experiences of women of color in STEM for 20 years. Her current research looks at actions faculty members can take to create more inclusive, culturally relevant physics, math and computer science departments. Before earning her Ph.D., Angela taught high school physics in a profoundly multicultural high school outside Washington, D.C.

Laura McCullough

Laura McCullough is a Professor of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She has been studying issues of gender and physics for over 20 years, and her current research is looking at female leaders in STEM. You can check out her work (including papers and presentations) at

Nicole Quist

Nicole Quist is a physics doctoral candidate at Oregon State University. She is researching the optoelectronic properties of organic materials for applications in organic semiconductors. Because of the mentoring in science she received when she was younger, she is heavily involved in providing resources and opportunities to minorities in the sciences.